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Visited, loved, planted roots.

Visiting and living in Barre, Vermont, is an experience enriched by the city's vibrant community and diverse offerings. With a population of approximately 17,000 residents, Barre stands out as one of Vermont's most populous areas, providing employment opportunities at livable wages and a housing stock that caters to various income levels. The city boasts high-quality cultural, entertainment, and recreational experiences, making it a friendly and affordable place to call home.

The downtown National Register Commercial District is a centerpiece, contributing significantly to the city's identity and economic development. Its character and architectural charm create a unique environment that appeals to those seeking a bustling, walkable downtown lifestyle.

Amidst the quiet neighborhoods of Barre Town, nestled among farmland and foothills, residents enjoy stunning views and ample green space. The Barre Town Forest and Millstone Trails offer access to exceptional hiking terrain and one of the top ten mountain biking experiences in New England, providing abundant opportunities for relaxation and outdoor enjoyment.

Barre is a place where industrious and educated residents contribute to a thriving community, making it a truly special destination for both visitors and those looking to make it their home.

Studio Place Arts
Aldrich Public Library
Wilkins Harley Davidson
Millstone Trails
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Opera House
Vermont Granite Museum
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