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Barre Area Development

Barre Area Development, Inc. is a nonprofit organization focused on supporting opportunities for economic development and employment, strengthening the tax base, and increasing private and municipal investment in Barre, Vermont.


Barre, Vermont, stands as a testament to its illustrious granite history, a vibrant hub of quarrying and craftsmanship that shaped iconic landmarks nationwide. Barre seamlessly marries its granite legacy with modern vibrancy, a convergence of history and contemporary living. With a robust workforce and affordable living, it offers a compelling combination of tradition and progress in a picturesque Vermont setting.

Our Board.

Barre Area Development is proud to have a board of directors who are passionate about the Barre Community. Made up of dedicated individuals from various sectors, our board members are committed to fostering economic growth in the area. Get to know them below.


Our Team

Executive Director
Aimee Green, BADC Executive Director
Marketing Coordinator
Shannon Alexander, Marketing Coordinator
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